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This tool has the sides of the shaft machined thin for better access to dents over braces.

Shaved 16″ from tip.


Tool Shaft Diameter: 1/4″
Tool shaft length: 19″
Tool tip: 1-1/4″  70 degree angle

Endorsement for Blehm 19” shaved tools

by Marty Runik Top Gun PDR Training

I first asked Jerry to help me with a problem I was having many years ago getting a consistent 19” shaved tool set patterned after the old Insta-dent version. Even with Insta-dents shaved tools consistency was always a problem, and the only way to get what you wanted was to pick through a bunch of them, at the factory and hopefully get what you were looking for. So I sent him the specs on what I wanted, and he sent me two tools that much to my surprise were superior to the best of the Insta-dent versions.

The important thing though is that the consistency is almost always right on. I know quite a few techs that are settling for these shaved tools made by other companies since Instadent left the PDR market. “ They just don’t make them the way they used to” is a common complaint. Well these Blehm shaved tools in my opinion are better than they used to be. I‘ve found I can count on these tools to perform just as well as they always have. I have used every 18”-23” shaved tools on the market, and Blehms thick and thin version is the one that almost always gets me there. I rarely have a need for any other shaved tool of this type.

How to use these tools

The thick and thin version of these tools are made with just the right amount of balance between drive and flexibility. If these tools are made too thick, not only will they not be able to get between the brace and panel, but there will not be enough flexibility to get around the numerous glue and brace configurations we deal with. Remember, flexibility and bendability are two different things; sometimes you must have a tool that can flex a lot once your inside the panel. All shaved tools will bend, but only Blehms version will give you the flex you need for those tough situations The thick version is the one you will use most often. The thin version is for those instances where the brace is so tight that you need something extra thin. The only limitation to this thin tool would be a sharp crease where you needed the extra drive of the thick version.


Additional information

Weight .375 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 4 × .5 in
handle style

standard T handle, adjustable handle